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Telephony, Data-Fax Communication, Image Edition, Wave Sound Editor, File Compression/Encryption, File Transfer

  General Features

  • Royalty free distribution.
  • Free upgrade to keep your package most current and to protect your investment.

  Components Features

KDTele's package provides the following 7 powerful components:

 KDPhone Component                                                                                           

  • Make outgoing calls and answer incoming calls.
  • Pick up calls that are already in progress.
  • Play and record audio on the phone line or sound card.
  • Detect tone and pulse digit to allow end users to navigate by pressing buttons on the telephone.
  • Capture Caller ID.
  • Multi-line support.
  • Control of the local phone handset.
  • Control of the external microphone and speaker of the modem.
  • Hardware independence. KDTele Tools works with any TAPI compliant telephony device.

KDVoice Component                                                                                            

  • Play and record audio on the phone line or sound card.
  • Silence detection when recording. KDTele Tools has a built-in algorithm that makes the Silence Detection Mechanism available not only to a few expensive telephony device that support it, but to all TAPI compliant telephony device.
  • Timer events to track the progress of playing and recording.
  • Playing and recording implemented by multiple buffers to provide continue audio streaming to/from the hard drive.This guarantees that you'll have no restriction to the play/record time other than the disk space.

KDWaveEditor Component                                                                                 

  • Display graphically wave files.
  • Edit wave files (copy, cut, paste, delete, insert another wave file, copy to a new wave file).
  • The developer or end user can set graphically a selection range, position point and the minimum and maximum limits for the position point.

KDFax Component                                                                                                 

  • Send and receive faxes.
  • Use TIFF files transparently and directly to send or receive faxes. No convertion to an internal file type is need to send or receive faxes.
  • Write temporary texts on the outgoing fax pages (e.g., a page header displaying the current date/time or the page number).
  • Use the KDImage component to view and edit the fax documents.

KDImage Component                                                                                              

  • KDImage is a powerfull image editor for TIFF and BMP files.
  • It can be used, for example, to view or edit fax documents that can be transmited by KDFax component.
  • Comprehensive set of commands to edit or view the fax documments: zoom, print, undo/redo up to the last 20 steps, insert picture, rotate, etc.
  • Allow the end user of your program to perform several actions with the mouse, such as draw, select a region, insert a text, etc.
  • Provides you with several auxiliary functions to create an image document from scratch.
  • Supports the storage of multiple images in a single TIFF file.
  • KDImage supports scanners and other image capture devices.

KDSerial Port  and KDFile Components                                                               

  • Full control over the serial port device.
  • Built-in internal buffer to store and manage incoming data.
  • Several alternatives for processing incoming data.
  • ZModem file transfer utility.
  • Multiple file transfers with error correction.
  • Support resumable file transfer. This allows a file transfer that was interrupted to be completed on the next connection without requiring the entire file to be retransmitted.
  • File compression and encryption utility.

Note: The availability of some of the features listed above depends on your telephony device's capabilities and on which type of license you purchase.

Copyright 2000 Kaed System. All rights reserved.